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certified or advanced ultralight


Well-Equipped Aircraft Features

  • Dual Garmin G3X 10.6" Display

  • 100HP Rotax 912 ULS Engine

  • Cabin Heat

  • LED Lights

  • Intercom, Radio, Transponder

  • Extra wide cabin doors

  • Long range 130 L Wing Tanks for 1000+NM Range

  • BRS Parachute System

  • Dual luggage doors

  • *Note - Features may vary between Certified and Advanced Ultralight models of the CTLS

Detailed configuration options can be seen on Flight Design's website here


Moden Garmin avionics suite with G3X 10.6" Display and Autopilot


Long range fuel tanks, spacious wide cabin and multitude of upgrade options available

Power Plant

Rotax 100 HP 912 ULS Engine


BRS Airframe Parachute

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