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CTSL Super Series

advanced ultralight

Flight Design CTSL Ultralight

The CTSL Super Series provides the ideal mix between utility, performance, and comfort.  The lower empty weight compared to CTLS allows for passenger, fuel and luggage carrying capability ideal for local or long cross-country trips.  The model is  available with various upgrades as well


The CTSL Super Series has design features from the CTLS and has design limits of 600KG should regulations in Canada change down the road. 

Well Equipped Starting Package Features

  • Dynon Skyview SE 10" Display

  • 80 HP Rotax 912 UL Engine

  • Extra wide cabin doors

  • Long range 130 L Wing Tanks

  • Radio, Intercom, Transponder

  • Dual luggage doors

  • High Useful Load

Detailed configuration options can be seen on Flight Design's website here


Moden Dynon Skyview SEavionics suite with 10." Display


Long range fuel tanks, spacious wide cabin and multitude of upgrade options available

Power Plant

Rotax 80 HP 912 UL Engine


Optional BRS Airframe Parachute

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